A Convergence of Good Taste

I got a call a few days ago that a special package had been sent back from Cincinnati via Steve & Lyne Willis...I picked it up today and K-WHAM! It's a doozy....

Feast your eyes, hipsters, on a convergence of good taste. Contents of the package were as follows:
  1. Over The Rhine's new CD, Snow Angel. It's a Christmas CD that I'll be listening to year 'round. All twelve songs have their signature smoky, organic sound, and it's packaged in a trifold case that looks like jewelry. The artwork was all done by my friend, Owen, at Visual Fluency. It's a package to behold. I love the line in the liner notes that says "This music was recorded to be played at magnificant volumes." So shall I play it. Speaking of OTR, pickup a freebie MP3 of theirs right here and play it as intended.
  2. One pound of Chuck Roast's new Over the Rhine blend. I am drinking it even as I type, which is slowing me down considerably in my typing speed, but I'm happier than I would be without it. The label itself is artwork to behold - a cleverly done character by buddy/artist David Sheldon.
I love it when everything cool comes in one package. BIG WHOOP THANK YOUS to the senders, who I will keep nameless lest you pester them for goodies of your own. :) We love you guys!!!


Tracie Loux said...

Perhaps you should have us over for coffee, or bring some here and brew a pot, and TELL ME ABOUT Owen. He's phenomenal!
I really am serious. I want to talk to him about doing John's album, when HE GETS IT DONE!

Randy Bohlender said...

RE: Owen...of course, of course, I can hook you up...although a cartoon version of John done by David Sheldon would rock too.

fairchildren said...

you don't get much better than the brocks and the sheldons;)
(and karen and linford!!Number 2 on snow angels is my favorite!)

Tracie Loux said...

maybe for some kind of funky remix version of the album yet to be, on it's 10th anniversary, we could do the Sheldon cartoon!
here's hoping we aren't all waiting 10 years for the first edition to come out!

Todd said...

The packages are cool, but that tile is SWEET! Way to use cool blog ideas to show off your skills.