Gizmo Update

Long time readers will know that I have a soft spot (on the top of my head) for gadgets. I have also been considered hazardous to gadgets' well being, having demolished so many cell phones, PDA's, and more than one laptop. I actually sat and read The Palm Graveyard and thought "Yea, did that one. Did that one too..." Here's hoping that changes.

This week, geek salesmen from around the world gather in Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show to compare their wares and learn a little about the competition. I find it no small coincidence that this weekend, I added to my geek arsenal.

I've been a long time fan of Palm products. I've had a Palm III, a IIIc, two Handspring Visors, a Treo 180, a Treo 600 and a Tungsten C, some which died and others which were gifted forward. Oddly enough, the best of the lot was a brick sized Handspring Visor I pilfered from Matthew Dyer's stash of stuff when he bolted VCC for England. That Visor had to weigh 4lbs but it was uncrashable.

I've been palmless for some time, but used some stockpiled Christmas money to buy one of these babies. Apparently Circuit City is no longer going to carry them so they were clearing them out and had an open box item so I saved a major chunk of change.

We've got WiFi, Bluetooth, Docs to Go and a bunch of other stuff, not to mention 4 gigs of storage. I can now book appointments into the fourth quarter of the millennial kingdom and record the name of all 144,000, plus add a few to-do's.

Today I finally had time to figure out the mail settings so I can inconspicously grab my email on the go without opening up my Powerbook. Nothing says "I'm paying attention" like swinging open 17 inches of metal casing.


Esther Irwin said...

I have to 'hand' it to you for being 'palmless' for so long...glad you 'fingered' out how to get a new 'palm'.. haha

John Evans said...

Wow, that Matthew Dyer? You do have some interesting connections.

As for PDAs: if you find yourself shopping eBay for a Zaurus... turn back!

Randy Bohlender said...

That's the dude. I inherited most of his role, some of his staff and almost all of his geek gear at VCC.

Anonymous said...

y'now, that does play music and video...