Rock the Vote...

OK, I am not a contest guy, but neither am I above using my considerable sway as a major internet celebrity to stack the deck in favor of my slope-mate*, Adam.

Adam has been nominated a contest for Blog of the Year. His entry is about his most embarrasing moment - praying for a cat to receive a glorious infilling of the Lord (He was unaware it was a cat, you see....). The entry stands head and shoulders above the other entries (as does Adam).

Other reasons to vote for Adam:
  • His wife is very nice.
  • He is very tall.
  • His child has very tall hair.

So, go here and vote. Tell your friends to vote. It costs nothing. Frankly, I am hoping for a cut of the winnings, so by supporting Adam, we're all supporting me as well. And I like that.


*Don't worry about it. If you weren't there, you don't get it.


Adam said...

Good shout out slopey!

ben said...

There goes my chance of winning. Once you endorse someone its over they win hands down.