I miss this place.

I think of VCC every Christmas Eve. I also miss them when I smell Krispee Kremes or see a plunger.

Check out Dave Workman's blog to read why...and check out their idea for a new product, the Wii Wii!

VCC was such a creative place to be. I loved my peeps there, both up and down the corporate food chain. They were the best.

Much of my early lessons about leadership were learned there...particularly saying the hard things that need to be said. There's a great line on that new Fray album I blogged about earlier - "Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same." I learned how to walk that out by working with my team at VCC. They were gold.

If only we would have had a Wii Wii on Christmas Eve 2002, when Drunk Santa showed up.

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