Election Day

I spent the early part of the day in the prayer room, writing for this weekend (I'll be teaaching at First Baptist in Pleasant Hill). I spoke there months ago. It's always nice to be invited back somewhere.

I ducked out the prayer room for a quick meeting, followed by a longer one with the marketing team that dissolved into teaching an impromptu civics lesson to British team member Tom Not Tommy. You should have seen his face when I described the fine art of gerrymandering. I think he thought I was making it up. Granted, it does seem a little rediculous.

Election day made me miss Washington, DC. The excitement of JHOP, avoiding the traffic by hopping the Metro, the fall leaves, the Burrito Brothers and Cosi bread.

Late in the afternoon, I picked up Grayson and drove to the elementary school to exercise my right to vote (and therefore, to complain later). Grayson is our voting boy. He knows there are cookies served at the polling place, so he voted twice today, once with his mom and once with me.


shawn Blanc said...

Burrito Brothers? I thought you guys were always fasting at JHOP. I want to konw if they're better than Chipotle?

I too saw cookies at my voting place but thought they were leftovers from Sunday school class (I was in a church). It was the first time I've ever been offered to go sit down on that couch and vote.

Randy Bohlender said...

It's apples and oranges - they're too different to compare. Sit on a couch and vote? Must have been an emergent voting location.

tracie lou said...

ok so I voted in a club house with people sitting all over the place, on couches, in stuffed chairs, and around the "dinner table". Granted there were a few cardboard voting booths off in the corner for those who insisted on being kosher. I however opted for one chair as my "table" and another to sit on! I really didn't care if anyone "cheated". Can you cheat a voting? I dunno?

Kelsey Bohlender said...

I voted in the school libray where Grayson urged me to "write in Dad's name" every place I could. What a kid!

Randy Bohlender said...

Sa-weeeet! Can you say 'cushy new job?' That's my boy!

Nathan said...

Shawn - No, Burrito Brothers is in no way comparable to Chipolte. I took a friend there after Segway-ing by the Supreme Court 3 months ago and the "steak" in the burrito was not the tender succulent steak of Chipotle. It was dry and provoked Dean to instant protests, then again, he may be a little high strung in a culinary sense.
BTW, we do not have Chipotle in Philly (yet). There is a sister place you may know by the name of "Baja Fresh" featuring a full-out pepper bar. The food is actually much better if you can recieve this report. However it is pricier, about 7-8 buck range. I really miss a 5 buck chipotle lunch though.

Brent Steeno said...

AHHHHHH!!! Burrito Brothers! I could go for that right now.

I too missed D.C. yesterday. I remember beging there 2 years ago for the last election. It was crazy. The results were better too.

I could also go for some of that Cosi bread. Praise God for free samples!