My 2000th Post...

I've been watching this number approach for a few days. This is my 2000th post since I started blogging on October of 2002, meaning I've managed about 1.4 posts per day...holy smokes. Along the way, I have learned the following from the blogosystem (it's really not a sphere....):

Writing is about fluidity.
The more you write, the easier it is to do so. Most bloggers quit. Don't do that. Blog nonsense until lucidity rises to the surface.

Write about what you think is interesting.
Don't try and figure out what they think is interesting. You'll probably miss it anyway.

Write long enough and you'll write something you regret.
That's what the 'delete post' option is for. There is nothing noble about exposing your stupidity longer than necessary. I've removed many a post and never regretted it.

Bloggers are neither as cool or dorky as their blog would indicate.
I've managed to be linked to people in various places - sometimes I follow up on their blogs and even actually meet the people. There is more to a person than meets the RSS feed, that's for sure.

Some people are born lurkers.
I don't know who you are but you never comment. I have no idea why you read this. I find it mildly amusing at times. At other times, I feel like taking out a restrainer order against you. But mostly I like it when you pop in.

Blogging leads people to a false familiarity.
I have literally had total strangers walk up to me and start talking as if they know me. A couple of times it's been a little creepy. I know this is my own doing - it's not their fault. It's just that they're not aware that reading a blog is like watching a tv show. The characters on the show do not know you.

I like blogs of people I disagree with.
I'm highly suspicious of people who only read things that lines up with their perspective. I hope you disagree with me regularly.

2000 posts down. More to come....


brad said...

Good observations from a long timer.

eric wright said...

Glad you are blogging!

the other Sarah said...

Wow, 2000 posts! I don't think I had even knew what a blog was in 2002. Thanks for sticking with it, and for sharing your observations from the journey.

"Blogging leads people to a false familiarity". It seems so weird to see you or others in the prayer room and have a strange sense of familiarity that isn't borne out of conversation, but only distant observation. I always feel a little weird reading the blogs of people with whom I have some casual acquaintence, but not any established friendship. It feels a little like eavesdropping on someone's private life. But blogging is inherently a public endeavor, so I suppose it's not really intruding, is it?

shawn Blanc said...

Thanks for the advice and info about blogs. Cool stuff. 2000 posts. That's a lot. What are some of your faves?

carl said...

Great observations.

Write about what you think is interesting.
Don't try and figure out what they think is interesting. You'll probably miss it anyway.

This is so true. If you write about what is interesting to you, then at least you will have one reader.

Blogging leads people to a false familiarity.

I would say that this is more like preaching than tv. The blog is your words and thoughts.

I like blogs of people I disagree with.
I read your blog feed every day.

Anna Blanc said...


You like when people disagree with you? That's the most ludicrous thing I've ever read.

Randy Bohlender said...

Anna. I disagree. You've been around IHOP long enough that you've heard much more ludicrous things before.

Randy Bohlender said...

Carl - good point, although it's the anonymity that tilts the balance towards the tv comparison for me. People think they know a blogger because of what that blogger chooses to reveal (or fabricate) about themselves. For instance, if you only recently started reading this....you might think I have red hair.

John said...

...I'm not even sure how I bounced in here; I mean what route I took, but I won't just lurk. I'll say "Hi!", and congrats on your 2000th, Randy.

Peace & Blessings