2001 (posts) - A Blog Odysey

Shawn Blanc asked about my favorite posts....I quickly decided that I couldn't sift through the 2000 posts effectively, and even if I could, the new Blogger Beta is not letting me link to individual posts. So....instead I offer "Strange Seasons" - one month chunks of blogging that I found to be interesting times in our live.

Moving to Kansas City - August 2003
VCC to IHOP 600 miles and light years apart.

Blogging the Burn - late August, early September 2004
I like the photos as much or more than the text. Particularly the great shot of the bike riding lizard.

Life at Camp Bennett - January 2005
In retrospect, I make it sound nicer than it was. Seriously. One highlight of the month: the January 7 audiopost I left, feigning optimism as I drive around DC, lost as a goose in a hailstorm. Incidentally, we never even got close to landing internet service at Camp Bennett. I was so hopefull though....

My question to you - what post(s) stick out in your head?


Ronni said...

The Wheel Bearing and the 10,000 shirt.

I have it bookmarked and every time we get in a situation that we need money, God shows up in some wild manner. Granted we have never gotten a check that large, but we have had some incredible stuff happen.

When 11:59 hasn't come yet and I'm still asking God to show, I read that and it reminds me... sometimes we have to be uncomfortable before He works (ie, the shirt).

Keep on Bloggin' (does that come on mudflaps?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy
i looked through some of your camp bennett posts. it was like looking at an old photo albumn, for better or for worse.
good to see you guys are doing good.
and yes, i admitt, i am a regular reader. Did you by any chance record any messages you gave at JHOP?

Randy Bohlender said...

TEEEEEJay! Where the heck are ya? And to my knowledge, I don't have anything recorded from JHOP. :(

John Evans said...

OK, I'll bite: I think the "artistic theology" post (2005-06-26) was the one that got me hooked.

shawn Blanc said...

I was wondering how long until the number of post became a pun. In 15 years you can say "20,000 posts under the Sea." or something.

I'm always a fan of the 1st post. What did you write to people that you knew weren't reading yet?

Anonymous said...

im back home in Cedar Rapids, IA. Im full time at the house of prayer here. I could be equated to the Brain Kim of this whole operation. I didn't stop to watch all the work Brain did and think that i would be in the same position. Hind sight being 20/20 and all...

If you get a chance tell Jackson to gimme a buzz sometime. For awhile he was calling every so often, and it really kept my spirit goin when i didn't want to. It was total Grace from the Lord.

ill look you up if i get down to IHOP again. tell everyone i said hey!