I'm as Mac as the next guy, but this makes me nervous...

“Apple’s in your den now, right?” said Jobs. “iTunes on a Mac or a PC. Apple’s in your living room with iTV, driving your big flat-screen TV. Apple’s in your car, with over 70 percent of the 2007 model cars offering iPod connectivity. And of course, Apple’s in your pocket, with iPods.”

“Den, living room, car, pocket. And i hope this gives you a little idea of where we’re going,” said Jobs.

It's speculated that Jobs is trying to form a 10 Nation Coalition to propose a peace plan for the middle east involving a wireless socio-religious syncing of your thoughts, emotions, and soul that will allow you to buy or sell food, water, butter and guns on iTunes.

Maybe Daniele's right. There's a reason there's a bite out of the apple.


shawn Blanc said...

I heard a rumor that all of Job's co-workers refer to him as "Mr. Little Horn."

Kelsey Bohlender said...

And if you calulate his name, isn't it 666? Like Bill Clinton and Barney?

Sean The Red said...

Randy, dont say I didnt warn you.... Ive been trying to be discrete about it for some time. Pretty soon you will need an electronic chip to run any apple device.

In reality, my dad and one of his partners HAS been working on a scanning chip for credit cards! I saw it, and it tripped me out.