One step closer...

A finished kitchen became one step closer last night, as Chuck came over to install lighting in the kitchen. He had already done the two can lights over the stove, so next on the docket were the funky, five inch disk pendulem lights that hang over the island, giving it a sort of Star Trek look.

We did not consider something when we purchased these lights...it never occured to us that they were designed for use on remote jungle runways as a beacon to guide planes safely to the ground. Let's just say they've got 14x the candlepower one would expect from them.

Chuck originally hung them about three feet above the countertop, but the glare coming off the top of the discs caused small children to cower in the corner, shouting "Mommy! Mommy! Make it go away!", so he raised them up another foot, which lessened the effect considerably, although if Adam McArthur (6 ft, 8 inches) comes to visit, he's gonna get an eyeful.

I tried to get a photo of these for you but the glare renders any camera useless. Never fear, readers - we have landed on an answer. Two words: Dimmer switch.

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