Thoughts on Truth Discarded...

I'm on a Daniel kick again. I've been enthralled with this book since 2000. Once you get beyond expecting your best life now, it's a great handbook for life in the days to come.

This morning, I'm in Daniel 8. I'm struck by the phrase in verse 8 that describes something that will happen at the end of the age. Daniel is describing a vision he was given - a prophetic picture of what was to come.
Daniel 8:12
"...it (the AntiChrist) prospered in everything it did, and truth was thrown to the ground."

What does it mean for truth to be thrown to the ground? It's not defeated, because you really can't defeat an idea, much less defeat truth. It's not beaten down...it's discarded. At the end of the age, people will toss aside truth like so much trash to be dealt with. It's dropped, like the core of an apple, and expected to rot away.

This isn't referring to issues like abortion or gay marriage, although those sorts of issues are certainly reflective of the discarding of truth. It's about putting aside an ideal - rejecting a wholehearted understanding that somethings are inately right. To trash truth is to reject all absolutes. Truth? That was an old fashioned idea. We did away with it years ago.

Continuing on the path, once having tossed truth aside, leaves the traveler without a compass. The woods get deep, water scarce, and light altogether disappears. All more tragic, society fails to realize the danger it's wandered into. Former generations used truth as a measuring stick and therefore stood a chance at wandering back onto the path. Having tossed that value aside, lost takes a whole new meaning, nuanced with ignorance and fear.

Later in the chapter, the AntiChrist plays all his cards.
Daniel 8:25
"He will cause deceit to prosper and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes..."
Why do they feel secure in the midst of global conflict? They walked away from truth years ago. To fall into confusion whe you have no concrete measurement for anything is an easy thing. Watch the issues of our nation hang twisting in the wind for lack of truth in the land.

Confusion follows quickly once you throw your compass in the mud.


Tom Mills said...

"Having tossed that value aside, lost takes a whole new meaning," Yes it does -- it means "home." These people did not perceive themselves as "lost" any longer -- they perceived themselves as "home." Very dangerous! When Nehemiah tried to take the people out of being "lost" back to their true home, he discovered that "half their children...could not speak the language of Judah, but spoke according to the language of the other people." (Nehemiah 13:24) They were at home in their "lostness." Lord have mercy on us!

Shawn Blanc said...

Excellent sentence Randy: "... get beyond expecting your best life now ..."