I think we set a record.

Somewhere in a break room, deep in the recesses of the Home Depot on Metcalf, they're talking about it this morning.

"You shoulda seen it....carts and carts and carts of stuff. It just kept coming...and they put it in the back of this station wagon...."

Last night was what we hope to be the last Home Depot Run of the Great Kitchen Renovation, including a number of side items that we needed. We'd been waiting for yesterday to do the shopping, as we had an extra 10% off coupon and needed every bit of it.

Multiple carts were piled high with things like...
  • 5 boxes of concrete mix
  • A bag of quik-set
  • Oddball tools
  • Kitchen faucet
  • 200 sq feet of ceramic tile and much, much more.
When the lady at the checkout started running the barcodes, she started the conversation with "New house?".

Uh, no.

"Hmmmmm. Ok." Awkward moment, as she thinks "he's buying enough to build one....".

The best part came when we loaded it all into the back of my mom's Taurus wagon and drove away...s.l.o.w.l.y....

It reminded me of the time we loaded 5,000 bottles of water on a 32 ft RV and scraped our way out onto the playa. See all that water in the photo to the right? Nearly four pallets full. It overran our dinky trailer and filled the interior and rooftop of the RV.

We went 0-60 in twelve minutes. 60-0 in three miles. Inertia is truly a formidable foe in stop and go traffic.

Despite the ride, all the stuff is home. And it's in the house. Now just to get it all installed....


Tom Mills said...

As I pictured the scene of carts filled with "stuff" I had a flash back to Reno -- I still flinch when I think of that!

Shawn Blanc said...

I'm having flashbacks of the time I had to replace some pipes under my sink and it was the first time I'd ever bled a copper pipe and it meant 10 trips to home depot spending about .63¢ each trip. Ug.

p.s. Randy, you look rather miniature standing on top of those water bottles.