Tom Mills asked for it.

In the comment section regarding my Home Depot trip, Tom said "As I pictured the scene of carts filled with "stuff" I had a flash back to Reno -- I still flinch when I think of that! "

This photo will set him back six months. It's our shopping buddy, the Rev. Hal pushing two of (I think six) carts through the store on the way to BM04. Look, Kelsey, there was lettuce right on top of the pile! (three bags? for 18 people? for a week?)


kari said...

Are you sure you haven't mistaken him for Dustin Hoffman? I think Halust have been in aisle 8.

Ronni said...

What no skittles?

Randy Bohlender said...

The skittles were under the beef jerky in my cart(s).