Only @ 13

Jackson's doing the IHOP Summer Teen Intensive's 2nd track. The first track, he helped out a little in the office. On the second track, he's working his little hiney off. He leaves the house about 8:30am and gets home at 10:30pm six days a week. The seventh day he is off for a half day, then back at the old drill again.

I just got home from picking him up. The conversation went thus:

"Hey, son! How was your day?"

"Pretty fun. I got to use the backpack vacuum cleaner. That's how I got this bruise on my cheek."

No kidding. Observe.

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Kelsey Bohlender said...

Not so visible is the vacuum hickey on his CHIN too! I almost wiped it off this morning as he was getting out the car to go to the internship. He is such a teenager!