Photos of the Day

Photo #1: Mike Bickle doing an hour and forty five minute Q&A to close out the Omega Intensive. It was scheduled for a little over an hour but he was having so much fun that we just let it run.

Photo #2: When it gets too loud in the house, my friend John goes to his off-location office.


Billy Humphrey said...


Stumbled across your blog looking for the spelling of Ben Hebbert's name... You have EASILY the best and coolest blog I have ever seen. Your dedication, commitment, creativity and literary prowess are unmatched.

Now put a link to Ihop-atlanta up there somewhere.
Much Love, my friend. Hi to Kels and the kids.


Randy Bohlender said...


Your warmth and charm are exceeded only by your shameless pandering for a link. :)

We miss you around here. Give our best to Marybeth, the boys, and our girl Liz. :)


Joyska said...

Thank you for putting it all together for the Omega weekend... i LOVED it and learned a lot as I got to "make room for" discussion... that would have happened with out me, but was fun to be there!