From where I sit...

In the last five minutes, I have been convinced of one fact while perplexed by another.

I am CONVINCED that coffee provided in hotel rooms is uniformly insipid because it enables them to sell the marginally better stuff down in the lobby.

I am PERPLEXED that sitting here at 6:12am, on a balcony overlooking both a major freeway and what appears to be a roaring, 100,000 ton heat pump, it is still quieter out here than it was inside the room with the wall a/c unit working.

In unrelated thinking, I ran across the article below - it seems some poor man in San Francisco ended up like Old Mother Hubbard, 'cept the kids were really rats. He had a thousand of them in his one bedroom apartment - and no, they were not all caged. I included two particularly interesting paragraphs, along with italicized editorial of my own.

Man Found with 1000 Rats: The remaining 800 to 900 rats will be put up for adoption starting Tuesday; anyone interested can call (707) 778-4396. A Castro Valley veterinarian volunteered Friday to spay and neuter them, 20 at a time, Tavares said.

As for why the seven cats that Dier also owned did not eat the rats, Tavares said, "maybe it was like working in a deli. After a while, you get tired of deli food."

I'm trying to picture the meeting in which the Castro Valley veterinarian determined that 20 rats was the most efficient lot in which to spay or neuter. "Ten? No...too costly. Twenty five? No...not enough table room. Twenty! We do twenty at a time! Send in the rats!"


Brent Steeno said...

That is one of the sickest stories I have ever read in my life!


How could someone do that? RATS! 1000 RATS!!!!!!

That would be my worst nightmare!

Marci Lewellen said...