Jackson the Camp Worker

Jackson is working at Signs & Wonders Kids' Camp this week. He declared his tent to be "too full of boys" and slept out under the stars for the last two nights. I asked him if he wanted to sneak home and sleep in a real bed one night and he said "Nahhhh", so apparently he's having some fun.

I did pick him up and run him home for a shower today - something that, had he not done himself, would have soon been mandated by the EPA. He told me that he led the portajohn cleaning team in an attack on the johns by running at them, plunger in hand, Don-Quixote-style. Apparently after he attacked, it was revealed that there was someone IN the john. Live and learn.

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Alaska1 said...

Jackson has done an especially nice job at camp and with an even better attitude throughout the whole process. He has a great servant's heart! Hmmm, wonder where he got that :)