Reason enough not to emerge.

I am a man without a movement, it would appear to some. Did the seeker thing. Was ok at it. Doing the prayer thing. Think I'm better at it. I consider it my tribe. At the same time, I appear to be an unlikely member of the tribe. My glasses and shiney noggin often get me mistaken for an emerging church type. Around here postmoderns are considered, as one IHOP leader (unaware that I unintentionally lurked on the other side of the office divider*) described them, "Uh....like Randy Bohlender's people."

Anyway, in our circles, it's sometimes assumed that I run with this crowd. I read things like Wired and drink 4,000 cups of coffee per week. My friends run the gamut from Christian authors to pagan fire artists. I guess that's the measuring stick. Anyway, perhaps I need to work harder at distancing myself from those crying emergentcy, particularly after seeing repeated things like this:

The Leadership Blog: Out of Ur: Tony Jones": If...."you'd like to first see our doctrinal statement on penal substitution or read a position paper on homosexuality, then Emergent Village isn't for you."

Let's hope that clears it up for all the village elders. The village really is not for me. The fact that these folks want to be considered sincere thinkers and authoratiative leaders yet refuse to address these real issues astounds me. Maybe I need to get some different glasses and grow my hair again.

*To clarify, the leader and I had a good laugh about it moments later. He meant no harm.


chuck said...

I liken emergent to the birth of a baby, A lot of crying, but not really doing anything. The baby is cute, the other just annoying.

Hey, I was only teasing about the postmodern thing.:)

Alaska1 said...

And my daughter was seriously confused when she was another Leader that looked like your twin.. I told her not to say anything lest you be provoked into a rant :)

John from Gibraltar said...

"My glasses and shiney noggin often get me mistaken for an emerging church type " - Its the glasses, definitely the glasses. Where did you get those anyway?

Brent Steeno said...

Those guys are in trouble!

Randy Bohlender said...

Believe it or not, I've worn them for three years. They are a little bit avant guard today, but back in the day, they were totally bizarre. I'm actually a little tired of them. I mentioned to the IT department the other day that I'd like new ones and they stared at me as if I said "I'm about to have a 3rd eyeball socket drilled into my head." Having finally acclimated to the sight of them, I think they were afraid to picture me without them.

chuck said...

want to freak people out? grow hair and wear contacts. i bet you don't get mistaken for mr roberts again,:)

mohawk is a good hair style, along with screaming red contacts.

Randy Bohlender said...

Those are contacts you're wearing? Wow.