Call Me GrillDaddy

Following a delightful lunch @ FirstWatch with Kelsey, the boys and Danielle, we went home where my own Al Borlund & I tore into the grill assembly.

Photo at right indicates the state in which we began.

This box weighed approximately 8,000 lbs. I needed a red flyer wagon to get the thing back to the deck. Once it was located on the deck, we set out to prepare the work area.
  • Ryobi cordless drill with auxillary phillips head: CHECK!
  • Ipod and dock set to Mute Math: CHECK!
  • Instructions ready to toss in trash: CHECK!
We were off and running. I was warned by Eric this morning in church that his grill assembly took three hours. He pointed out that I had an advantage in that I could read. While true, I also suspected that it had something to do with the fact that his grill is large enough to grill up an entire side of beef, hide, horns and hoofs intact. Mine is good sized, but could not grill anything whole expect perhaps a bunny. Er, rabbit.

The instructions indicated we should be able to set it up in 45 minutes. We managed to crunch it down to two hours, after realizing that we had attached the two base leg stands on opposite intended ends. Given the fact that one side has wheels and the other doesn't (and the frame compensates for this) it caused the entire grill to list portside like the Poseidon. After doing a Nascar style suspension swap, we were good to go.

Tonight, we grill!


Sean The Red said...

You had better go get 2 tanks before July 1 when we get there. It is mega grilling til we puke, from chicken to pizza to choclate quesadillas. We just need funky chairs with those cool beer holders to put our lovely beverages in.

Im bringing you a thermometer. You can cook ANYTHING if you know the temperature inside.

Mikie3toes said...

I knew I should have supervised.

cathy said...

How bizarre - my husband and I just bought the exact same grill today and took about as long to set it up!