where do they get these people....

This morning, Allen Hood and I joined the Cause folks in Cambridge where they have been fasting and praying for nearly 40 days. They are sleeping on hard wood floors and pounding heaven on behalf of a little college nearby. The facility is gorgeous, even in it's dilapitated state. It's great to see Lou, Therese & the tribe. They are paying a huge price to do this, and they do it with such grace.

You kind of expect people on the back side of 40 days of fasting and praying and living in horrible conditions to be tired, cranky, and ready to quit. You couldn't be more wrong. These folks have an untamed look about them. They are pressing in hard to what God's asking them for...willing to pay any price. I love the aggressiveness of this community.

They serve us as if we're royalty. Need a ride? A van appears magically. Granted, it's barely roadworthy and you have to use a rigged handle to open the door...but still, it's there and they're happy to haul us.

After the AM prayer meeting, Allen and I hauled our boys downtown to wander the sites. This is great city. I hear everyone say how harsh this place is....honestly, I love it. The grumpiness of the people makes the normally-stoic me come across like Kenny Banana*.

Afterwards, we returned to Cambridge to prayer walk around Harvard Yard. Tonight, we go back down town to Tremont Temple for the conference. Tremont is phenomenal - a double balcony and the whole shebang.

*Zion will explain it.


Liz said...

Thanks for the updates, Randy. Keep 'em comin'... We are living vicariously through you.

Jenny P. said...

Say hi to Rachel Beauchamp for me, if you see her up there with Lou - she's one of my dear friends... :)