The View from Beantown

When I told the boys we were flying Northwest to Boston, Grayson immediately started to complain. Somewhere he got in his mind that Northwest was a horrible airline. The complaints continued to the point that I told him he really had to quit because he didn't know what he was saying.

Grayson, I am sorry. You were correct. What a miserable excuse for an airline.

First leg: KCMO to Detroit
We flew with Allen & Samuel Hood on what Allen and I agreed must have been the oldest commercial airplane in any fleet on earth. It creaked. It groaned. It made weird buffeting noises like when you drive 80 mph with one rear window down on your SUV. The takeoff involved all but the last twelve feet of the runway, and during the landing, the pilot was making course corrections until we were withing the last 10 vertical feet. It was horrible.

Second leg: Detroit to Boston
We bailed out and bolted forty gates to our next flight, where we boarded.

And sat.

And sat.

And sat.

For an hour and a half....during which time I asked three stewardesses for a pillow for Grayson, and was told 1) You'll have to ask the other stewardess, 2) I'll check (she dissappeared - apparantly WALKED to Boston) and 3) I don't think we have pillows. The 3rd person reappeared an hour into the flight with a blanket.

Anyway, we're all settled in at the hotel now. Boys are snoozing and I'm about to join them. More tomorrow.


Alaska1 said...

God bless the Bohlenders and Hoods. Let your Spirit minister to them and refresh them while they sleep, and allow the rest of their trip to be wonderful!

Sean The Red said...

Let the prophet speak Randy! LOL.

Actually I flew Northwest 2 times last year, and didnt have any issues.

Maybe they gave you "the special".