for such a time as this?

Kelsey and I have had an ongoing converation about things that we did in the past that we might have thought were random but in reality were the Lord speaking to or through us. I may have brushed up against one of those moments today.

In this morning's prayer time, a young man began to pray with passion and authority over those who were 13 years old now but would one day walk on to the Harvard campus with righteous hearts and minds prepared to contend in the realm of ideas.

I saw Jackson standing near the front. I went over and laid my hands on him, praying for whatever God would have for him, and I just broke. I cried like I haven't in a long while as I thought of the destiny on this kid's life.

This afternoon, as we walked on the Freedom Trail, I remembered being here 8 1/2 years ago. Jackson was 4 1/2 and stayed home with mommy. I saw a little side street where I'd purchased a sweatshirt from a vendor. It was gray, with maroon lettering that declared: Future Harvard Freshman.

Who knows.



Andy said...

Ranbo, I tingled from head to toe as I read that post.

maggie said...

O wow! Me too! No joke...