rendering unto cea$er

Last night was tax night @ the Bohlehender corral. Nothing like staring at a year's worth of receipts to get a snapshot of your life. Having done so, I have learned the following.

  • Had we known what life in DC was going to be like we would have bought this place and came out money ahead.
  • We flew a lot last year. More than I realized, anyway. Exotic places, like Tampa. And Cincinnati. And Kansas City. And Baltimore. No Aruba-like destinations.
  • I can no longer say we've not needed to spend any money on repairs on our SUV. Somewhere around the 130,000 mile mark, we started. Nothing extravagant, but it's definetly become a line-item. By the way, the sound in the front was fixed - a wheel bearing so far gone I could barely turn it by hand.

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