It might be possible to be cooler, but not by us.

Jackson and I are chillin' at the mondosized Borders in downtown Boston, both of us taking advantage of t-mobile's new free Hot Spot weekends on our powerbook and ibook, respectively.

Out the vast expanse of glass that covers most of the front of the building, we can see two huge statues (covered with pigeon dung...we determined them to be Pigeon Hot Spots), vendor carts, and two - count'm - two Starbucks.

I'm sipping a latte & we are splitting what may very well be our favorite new munchie....a Spinach & Feta Bagel. When we bit into it, we discovered it's got sun dried tomatoes on the inside. Muncheous Nervaneous, we exclaim.

We are, in all likelihood, near impoding into ourselves in a burst of hipness.

Grayson is off to Quincy Market, one of half a dozen little ducklings that Therese Engle decided to take along with her on a hike towards lunch. We will reconvene on Tremont Street shortly.


captwasabi said...

Don't leave Beantown without a dozen raw oysters on the halfshell. OK, it's an aquired taste.

Kristi Walsh said...

Being the New England girl that I am, I absolutely LOVE Boston. Enjoy it for me while you're there.

chuck said...

Faneuil Hall rocks.....Check out the old boat...

Randy Bohlender said...

Capt - No oysters for me. I don't eat any 'meat' that can't run for cover.
Kristi - we're having as much fun for you as we can.
Chuck - was there 2 days ago. Waycool museum up top of the actual meeting room, too.

Mikie3toes said...

When I lived in New England, Boston was a nice place to visit. You are aware Quincy Market is pronounced, "Quinsey" Market. My Beantown Brother-in-law taught me how to speak Boston.