Friday Night @ The Rumble

Jackson, Samuel and I walked to the bay this afternoon while Grayson played with his buddies. He is so excited to see the Amabile, Engle and Lockett kids that he's almost unfit to live with.

The worship and intercession went into the stratosphere tonight about the time I took this photo. I was up in the third balcony and I heard someone praying for Harvard...I'm like "who's that voice?!?" It was Jackson on the mic! His voice has several variations at this stage in life, and this was his big boy voice! When he got done he handed off to Samuel Hood. The combo was hard to describe, but it definetly rocked the place. Maybe Lenny's right and we just give the whole deal to the kids.

Allen Hood spoke tonight. The message was stunning. In short, we pray for Harvard, for Boston and for New England not because they are huge strongholds, but because they too small to stand when the Lord returns. If He finds them (or any of us) outside of His mercy, they cannot stand His wrath.

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