I don't think he gets it.

Cyber-tithing growing: "More than a year ago, officials at St. Catharine of Siena Catholic Church in Westwood opted not to automate collections. 'It just gives people another excuse not to attend Mass,' said Ferd Schneider, the church's business manager."

Does anyone really think there are legions of Catholics (or any other church's members) who are itching to skip service but go ahead and attend because they can't bear the thought of missing an opportunity to contribute financially?


eric wright said...

Many catholics "contribute" to the church because they receive discounts on their children's education. As long as they are giving regularly, they receive the discounts. If they could just give online, they wouldn't even have to show up to mass.

A friend said this was an issue in his parish when he was Catholic. More people attended Mass because they needed to give their "tithe."

Randy Bohlender said...

We're all learning together here, folks. Thanks, Eric.