A friend gets a little good press.

Steve & Janie Sjogren were recently featured in an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

I cracked up when I read this line:

"When the congregation doesn't catch his dry humor, he tells them it was a joke. Then they laugh."

What the writer doesn't understand is this standup routine has been going on for decades. Steve tells the joke. No one laughs. Then he tells them it was a joke. Sometimes in Cincinnati, you need to spell things out.

In reality, their lack of response is part of an intricate dance Steve has taught them to play. It's hillarious to watch after the fiftieth or sixtieth time. But man, early on....it's painful. :)

God bless you, Steve!

I wonder if he even uses the internet. He's like...fifty, you know.

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Mikie3toes said...


It's not easy being fifty.