This morning, Brian Kim & Brent Steeno gave me a ride to pick up a rental for our road trip. I tried my trusty 'look pitiful and clueless approach but was unable to talk Hertz into upgrading me from the reserved minivan into a big SUV at a decent rate...but I did manage to land a van with a dvd player AND XM radio.

Long time readers (both of you) will remember my fascination with XM a few months back. I nearly bought one but hated the idea of committing to the subscription price. Havine spent the last 510 miles with it, I can say that I can live without it. Who needs a 40's, a 50's, a 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's channel? Or sixteen top 40 channels playing the same nine songs. Or a dozen spanish language channels or the one dedicated to the traffic in Seattle, WA. I finally found one though - believe it or not, 700 WLW is on XM! That's right, the Big One is worldwide.

After loading and making a quick stop for some headphones to accompany the dvd player, we were headed east on I-70. I think we bugged out around 1:30 pm.

Driving past all those signs for gas at $2.97 made me glad we stuck with the minivan...funny how we could drive the living snot out of this van and get 23 mpg.

We made it as far as West Memphis, where we landed at a Hampton Inn that Grayson quickly announced was the third worst hotel he's every stayed in. I questioned him, and sure enough he could rattle of the worst and second worst (JHOP Team - anyone remember the Discovery Inn near Atlanta?!?). Normally we love the Hampton but by nature of it being in West Memphis, Arkansas, perhaps we should have adjusted expectations accordingly.

Tomorrow we press on to Laurel, Mississippi, where I will be sans-internet as Kelsey and I speak at a conference within eyesight of the sticks at a beautiful campground.


chuck said...

one day the internet will be invented in arkansas(pronounced: our-kansas). travel blessings to you my friend.

Todd said...

I seem to recall Luke complaining about some motel room in Macon, GA (Liz what's up with the southern hospitality?).

I am right now standing guard at our undisclosed gun club location. So far no intrusions, nor regulars.

Suggestion: Take the back way home through the Ozarks, I hear the viddles are real good this time of year.

Liz said...

I can't really speak for the poor hotels around here. Although, I'm pretty sure every state has 'em, even NE.

I do happen to recall that my church took pretty good care of you guys on the way down. From what I heard it was good hospitality. Unfortunately, the B's weren't there, so we don't have a rating from Gray. ;)

Have a great trip Randy. Swing through ATL if you get a chance and we WILL take good care of you!

Randy Bohlender said...

CornHusk - that's the place (in Macon). Believe everything Luke says. At least about that hotel.

hogfootballfan said...

dude , west memphis cannot be judged by one hotel.you didn't apparently see the best part of my hometown. west memphis is not a great hub for tourist but is a great place to raise my 7 year old son.