Every fifteen minutes....

I had this intense realization this morning that I have approximately six lifetimes of work that need to be done between now and the end of the year. It did not help that my alarm goofed and I got out of bed at 6 AM rather than my customary 5 AM. Anyway, the better part of the first prayer set I was a part of was spent explaining to the Lord that I am exceedingly busy. Granted, He's busy too, running the cosmos and all, but he's had a few thousand years more experience than I have and thereby has probably written a few macros to help.

The Lord and I finally landed on the fact that I didn't have a minute to waste. And I certainly didn't have fifteen minutes. So I committed to myself and to Him that I'd be answerable for every fifteen minute increment of my day. You know what happened?

I did not check anyone's blog until a minute ago. I made about four lists. I sent out twenty intentional emails that should have been sent out weeks ago. I got a boat load of work done. I think I'm spottin' a trend.

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