Comments are Back

Blog comments are back on. Yours are welcome, providing they're something you would say in my living room.


utech said...

Where is the bathroom?

(Well, it is something I would say if I was in your Living Room) ;)
Enjoy reading your blog Randy.

GregB said...

Is there javascript somewhere for auditing pottymouth? Or pottymind, for that matter? :)

Glad the unique forum that is the RBohlender mental easel is back up for analysis!

Stuart Taylor said...

Love what you've done with the drapes!
Is that a new sofa?

Nice lazy-boy.
Is that an HDTV?

(Just some Things I would say in your living room)

But seriously, ”Toonces, the church that could save a soul, but not very well.”
Is one of the best commentaries I have read in a Long Time on the state of things here in America.

Sean The Red said...

Jacks Stack is on me, lets go....

Sean The Red said...

Oh yeah, and I would probabyl be engaging some kind of song with Zion, like the top selling:

"Daddy Ate a peanut on the aeroplane"

and the follow up:

"Daddy woofed his cookies on the Aeroplane"

and the forthcoming concept album:


Poor Randy has to moderate all this just to let us react to his blog...

Mikie3toes said...

My compliments to Chef Cosco.

chuck said...

I like comments. comments good. rocks to head, not.

If I just give you the $20 can I pass on sending a request for linkage? :)

chuck said...

Awesome. Now I won't have to email comments. Did you get the $20 for the linkage? I think I forgot to sign the check. I also forgot that I don't have $20 in the bank. So, if you will not forge my name and tear up the check.. :)


Jackson said...

Dad, can I have some leftover cheesecake?

(i'd say that in the living room.)

Andrew said...

Hallelujah!!! Let the witty repartee begin (again).