...end of day wind-down.

I am always interested in what gets people to respond...there are times I hit PUBLISH and think "I'm going to get torched for this." Usually, no one responds. No email. No change it traffic patterns. Nothing. Then there was this morning. The post about Randy's Donuts generated more email in my inbox than anything in a long time, with the exception of the days when I was updating from the ER a few weeks ago. I guess nothing touches the human heart like a glazed and jelly filled.

Kelsey and I have been teaching at the 9 AM meetings with our interns this week. I did Monday through Wednesday, she did this morning and Friday. We rarely teach back to back so it's not often that it's this obvious how different our styles are. I leave people scratching their heads, thinking "If he's right....uh oh." She leaves the entire room crying.

This morning she placed half the characters in the Old Testament into chronological order and then began to weave 'what if's...'. What if Daniel and Ezekial ever actually met? What would they talk about? (Ezekial: Daniel, I keep seeing this wheel...does that mean anything to you?) And did you know it was Esther's father in law who through Daniel in the lion's den...when Daniel was in his sixties? (The flannalgraph was WRONG?!?!) She worked her way up to David and his heart to build a dwelling place for God. Two minutes into this the tears are rolling and the snot is flying and the whole room is on their faces. Meanwhile, she's sitting there looking around as if to say "What brought all this on?".

I love my wife.

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