Thanks, Danie!

Danielle Wheeler served time as my illustrious admin whiz back in Cincinnati at a time when my schedule was crazy ahennd my areas of responsibility ranged the gamut. In a single day she might be balancing budgets, praying with volunteers or calling me to tell me she found my keys.

When we moved to KC, Danielle spent about a year with us taking classes and being morphed into our family to the point that our boys are convinced she's related somehow. Shortly after we moved to DC, Danie moved to California. Our family was very sad to be without her.

I got a voice mail from her this morning...laughing because she'd just passed Randy's Donuts near LAX. We actually had a photo of this place in our office in Cincinnati! She said "I had no idea it was out here!"

Thanks, Danielle....for the reminder of Randy's Donuts. Have a jelly filled for me. And thanks for refusing to let distance keep you from touching base with us. We miss you!

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