San Diego here I come....right back where I started, uh...from..

OK, I've never been there before, so it's not right back where I started from. I started from North Dakota, but who wants to go back there in September. That's nearly snow-flyin' weather up there. Instead, I'm going to San Diego to do an SE Intensive with Steve Sjogren...and that makes me grin, because he is the walking definition of big fun.

I'm also headed to Mississippi next weekend to speak in Crystal Springs, then sneaking on down to Camp Waukaway, home of the 49,000 Gallon per Hour natural spring, the slingshot and archery range, and SuperJeep of Death. They assure me the SuperJeep is in SuperRetirement, which is super with me. The boys will attend a camp while Kels and I sit on the deck and drink lemonade with Garricks. Life might get better somehow, but I don't much care. This is good enough for me.

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