a rainy morning in Maryland....

I'm parked out on one of our couches in the front room...a couch stylish only in a funky, coffeehouse sort of way. Picture olive green velvet with dark wood arms and mismatched throw pillows. It's raining here...I am not sure the EPA has notified the DC area that it is June. Yesterday was a bit chilly and today doesn't appear to be developing into picnic weather either.

For the last month, I have been devouring the book of Proverbs. Coinciding the reading with the day of the month, I've picked apart a verse or two from each chapter...and it's been like grad school for avoiding stupidity. Almost every day I've found myself implementing the very proverb that I studied that morning. Also wisdom is a good thing any time you can get it, I feel like God directed me this way for this very season. Nothing like putting an idea to work immediately to show a person how it works.

Jackson is doing well, holed up in Kansas City with friends. Last night we had a rapid fire text message exchange before going to bed. He is one of the few people on the planet who are funny even when texting. We miss him much. He leaves in a few days for Colorado, then we reunite in Mississippi.

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