isn't it interesting...

Isn't it interesting how chummy we can be with countries when they have a well placed airfield. While there is no doubt that we needed to use Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as jumping off places for the war in Iraq, we can never be lulled into believing that they are fully allies. As imperfect as the US system may be, it can never compete in the Ruthless catagory with the corrupt regimes listed below...or can it? The middle east sells their young into slavery as children. The west slaughters their children before birth. Condi talks of 17,000 slaves trafficked into the US each year. No mention is made of the fact that we have killed that many unborn since Monday.

CNN.com - U.S. cites 4 Gulf allies in trafficking report - Jun 3, 2005: "'Human trafficking is nothing less than a modern form of slavery,' said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a news conference on the report.In the annual 'Trafficking in Persons' report, the State Department listed Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as 'Tier 3' countries, which are defined as nations 'whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards' set by American law and 'are not making significant efforts to do so.'"

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