Mostly Quiet on the Eastern Front

Miracle of Miracles, it is 10:30 and fairly quiet at Green Acres, the 90 acre farm that houses our family, the Amabiles and their six kids, the Engles and their seven, Chuck Mervin and a population of college age activist/interns that fluctuates between 35 and 50. Of course, I know this peace is a false peace, as a crew of them are slated to arrive any minute from the House of Prayer, invading the kitchen and demanding to know where the leftover enchiladas are...and by the way, there are no left over enchiladas. They were that good.

Not to be coy, I am at one of those places where I have volumes to think about and little that I can actually post. Suffice it to say my heart is energized and I'm scribbling in that little Moleskin journal like a junior high algebra student who just found the teacher's answer key under a table in the library. Among other things, we are pondering a little travel this summer to various churches, sharing the message of The Cause and the Justice House of Prayer. We're also wondering about the feasibility of doing this with the 126,000 mile SS Family Truckster that has served us so faithfully. Crazy truck still looks great and runs well, but it's getting smaller as the boys get bigger, and just deploying the third row seat limits luggage space to things 4 inches thick. Anyone with a spare Suburban, please step to the front of the line.

For those of you who are wondering, the boys are doing great. Zion plays all day with Samuel, Lou Engle's nearly-four-year old. Grayson races through his schoolwork to ride his bike and adventure all over the property. Jackson recently discovered the joy of fishing on the back pond of the property...three of the boys pulled out 30 fish in short order, throwing all but two back and releasing the lucky two into the smaller front pond where they can keep an eye on them.

Kelsey is doing well too - she teaches in a lot of our 9 AM intern meetings and it's been INCREDIBLE. I'm learning to limit my input to the announcements, but I'm making them as inspiring as I can.

I believe my blogging will improve a little now that we've got wifi at the house again. It took an act of congress for us to get broadband out here.

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