good news....

The Cause has a variety of vehicles, all with knicknames. The fleet now includes The Tomahawk (a cross between a bread truck and a Peterbuilt), Goshen 1 (we had Goshen 2 and 3 but they didn't last....), The Dualie (a big farm truck) and a few vans - Scooby Doo, Babe (the blue ox), The Silver Bullet and Red Van (clever, eh?).

Two weeks ago, Red Van went missing. It had been parked in a very nice neighborhood near the President's house in a space that ceased to be a parking lane at 4:30 pm. Our team returned at 4:45 pm and assumed it was towed. The towing yard denied every picking it up. The police told us it was stolen. ("In front of the White House?!?!?!?!?")

This afternoon someone discovered a phone message that had somehow gone ignored at the office - for TEN DAYS. It was the investigating officer. He said "We found your van." We couldn't reach the office on the phone, so we immediately sent a recon team and they found it - parked in front of the police station. They had the keys, so they snagged it...at the hundred dollar ticket on the windshield from two weeks ago. Apparently they'd hauled it there rather than tow it and lost track of it.

Welcome Home, Red Van. Scooby and the Silver Bullet missed you.

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