I'm home...sort of. :)

I'm sitting in the KC airport, having flown from Reno to DFW to KC today and at the last minute, deciding to carry on to Nashville and rent a car to go to eastern Tennessee and help Kelsey drive home.

We left the playa yesterday for a hotel in Reno before flying home today. When we arrived at the hotel, we literally left a trail of dust from the rental cars to the hotel door - something like Charlie Brown's friend Pigpen.

After a dusty week on the playa, the showers at the hotel seemed almost decadent. I cranked on the valve and watched the water rush out of the shower head and down the drain...it was amazing. There was as much as I wanted. This in itself is almost unique to developed nations.

I've posted a few more photos. I know many of you are wanting a wordy summary of our trip, and frankly, it can't happen for a while. The entire team talked of need to decompress...a lot of processing needs to take place. It might seem that all we have is wacky stories and bizarre photos. We have much, much more, but most will not find it's way to the blog. It's better told over a cup of coffee, preferrably late at night...with a little dust around the edge of the cup and a stiff southerly wind. Until then, read between the lines. That's where the best stories always dwell.

Hope you enjoyed the trip a fraction as much as we did.

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