Bike Riding Lizard

Bike Riding Lizard
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But wait...it's more than just a lizard...

Ok, so here's the story with this one. We're sitting in our chairs during a rare lull in the gale force winds, munching dusty lime flavored Tostitos and knocking back a couple of Rasberry Snapple (who says we don't party hard?) when a Raptor on a custom bicycle rides by. Becky Kahler, for the tenth time in as many minutes, calmly says "I have never seen anything like that...".

The costume was fantastic - pictures don't do it justice - but just as amazing was the guy's physical mannerisims. He would twitch his head back and forth, then crank his neck back at an angle very odd for a human but remarkably lizard like! It was a riot. Did I mention that the black and yellow swirled wheels spun in opposite directions? Seems sort of superfluous now, but it was an important part of the design.

A while later, I saw the guy was across the street, having a drink at our neighbor's camp (Pun Camp - People United for Nothing). I went over to ask if I could take his picture. He said "Oh, certainly! But let me get on my bike first!"

Because a man in a lizard costume, no big deal...but get that lizard riding a bike, and baby, you've got a photo op.

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