9.11.01 : We Remember

This article smacked me in the face this morning. I have a million words of commentary - none which correct the issue. The article - and the pain - speak for themselves.

The New York Times : Growing Up Grieving, With Constant Reminders of 9/11:*
"The bone brought sad finality to everyone but Brendan Fitzpatrick. It was proof that his father had died on Sept. 11, 2001. But for Brendan, who is 5, the news that a piece of Thomas Fitzpatrick's humerus had been recovered was vexing, at best. 'Can we get all the pieces and put them together?' he recently asked his mother at their home in Tuckahoe, N.Y. 'So he could be alive.'

In Harlem, a different puzzle unfolded for Samuel Fields. He was 10 when the towers collapsed, and knew his father was gone. But he could not cry. He jumped off the steep rocks in Central Park, punched a classmate and, the following summer, wound up in jail for pelting cars with stones. It was only then, after his mother yelled, 'Would your father want this?' that the first tears fell."

*registration required, and worth it, even for this story alone.

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