the inherent dangers of safety....

Recently, I read a post on someone's blog regarding their decision to toss out their PDA in favor of a small paper calendar and notebook. My first reaction was "Luddite!". Why would anyone toss out a handy tool and revert back to the Ink Age? Then I got to thinking a little bit about how and what I write...

I realized that when writing electronically, I write very differently than when I'm jotting in my journal. With a keyboard in front of me, my thoughts are more complete...and guarded. I guess I'm vaguely aware of the fact that almost everything that one records electronically is likely to come back to haunt them. Whether it's posted to the web or just stored on a hard drive somewhere, there's always the idea that some time, some where, when I'm less passionate about the issue I've ranted about, I might end up having to defend something I wrote...and maybe my thoughts will have changed. The keyboard is no place for an emotional rant, unless you're willing to withstand that emotion for a long, long time.

My journal, on the other hand, is a mess. Thoughts are scattered, interspersed with prayers, cries, fumings and dreams. With the pen in hand, my heart unlocks a little, because I know where the journal is staying. Interestingly enough, some of those rantings are refined into genuine, defendable positions, and do find their way onto the blog or into something else I'm writing....but not until properly cooked and cured through the journal.

I want to write more - electronically - but I want to live more in the journal.

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