Last night I ran across this...

On a blog written by Moby on 9/8/04. Yes, this is the man who regularly uses his celebrity status to question the intelligence of the President:
"I should probably keep this to myself, but i was talking to an engineer friend of mine today and i was showing him a moderately fancy microphone that i've been using for a year or so and i was complaining that the results were'nt what i'd been hoping for.
and he said, quite simply, 'well, you're singing into the wrong side of the microphone.'
yes, that's right, i've been a musician for over 20 years, i've made many records, i've performed everywhere in the world, i've written music for movies and tv shows, i've sold 15 million records, but yet i can't figure out which side of the microphone to sing into."
From one strange little bald man to another....dude, you may want to back off the rhetoric until you figure out which end is which. On multiple levels. Of course, it is "a complicated microphone." Funny how foreign policy can seem so simple when a microphone can be so confusing.

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