What's with the button?

Astute readers will notice that the links to the left have been cleaned up (courtesy Doug Hill) and a 'donate' button added. For those of you who aren't sure what it all means, I'll try and keep this brief.

Kelsey and I are on staff as missionaries with the International House of Prayer, which serves as the prayer furnace for the Friends of the Bridegroom missions base. IHOP is a twenty four hour a day, seven day a week prayer and worship center. Since September, 1999, the House of Prayer has conducted back-to-back 2 hour prayer meetings, one after the other, day and night, crying out to God for His purposes to be fulfilled on the earth. Simply put, we believe the most powerful thing a person can do is pray, so we do. It is not all we do, but it is the most important thing.

As leaders, we train young people, primarily ages 18-22, to be effective in ministry and single-minded in purpose. Kelsey and I teach tracks for interns, occassionally speak at our Bible school and conferences, and serve on the senior leadership team. Also, we are currently developing a dvd-based eschatology (the study of the end times) course for new believers and unbelievers that will allow for broad-based discussion designed to give people at least a 'beginners' picture of the days to come.

To the western church, steeped in "How to Grow Your Congregation" programs, non-stop, around-the-clock prayer seems extravagant, particularly in our American culture, where time is money and money is king. It's not the first time this sort of thing has happened, though. In fact, down through history, there have been several 24/7 prayer movements, most notably Herrnhut led by Count Zinzendorf in Germany, whose 100+ year prayer meeting gave birth to the Moravian missions movement. Interestingly enough, recent days have birthed at least two large scale prayer movents - IHOP in the States, and 24/7 in Europe.

Prior to joining the FOTB Missions Base, we have always been in more conventional ministry roles - pastoring, church planting, or serving on staff at a church. Moving here meant taking a walk of faith like we never had before...raising support from friends (and often strangers!). We raise our three boys and pay our bills entirely on the gifts - one time or monthly pledges - of people who believe who believed in us, what we're doing, and the power of prayer.

I know there a lot of folks who read this who I've never met - ministry types, Burning Man types, and even a few who are just curious enough to follow our hi-jinks. Whatever camp you fall into, if what we stand for has made an impact on you and you'd like to see it furthered, consider plinking the 'donate' button. If you'd like a tax receipt, please email me first and we'll run it through the 501(c)3 that administers our funds.

Regardless of whether your able to help or not, know that I'm glad to have you along for the ride. This blog was never started as a fundraising tool, and will not turn into a forum for 'beating the drum', but recently I've had a few people ask "how can I help?" and I wanted to make it as easy as possible.

Thanks much, friends.

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