another weekend passed...

We headed out early yesterday morning for Grayson's soccer game. His team hasn't lost a game yet - tied one, but no losses. Wonderfully, the coach and team are not off-the-scale competitive, so all the kids have a great time. We celebrated with a mid morning lunch.

After lunch we came home for some yard work. I am entering a golden age...Jackson is now old enough to mow the yard. With three boys evenly spaced, I am looking at about 18 years of mow-free living. It was Jackson's mowing debut, actually. He did pretty well. By mid summer I'll be sitting on the porch drinking lemonade...life is good.

In the evening, Kelsey attended her eschatology class. Following her class and discussion time, we left the kids asleep in bed (the beauty of a live-in grandma!) and went to On the Border for a late night snack with Jason & Lindsey Wenth. We followed up the eschatology class this afternoon with a leaders' discussion group. I'm about 3 years behind a lot of the folks in the group, so I'm keeping my mouth shut and learning fast.

Tonight it's "Family Movie Night". We're watching the original, 1950's version of "Cheaper by the Dozen". Jackson's choice...and a good one if I do say so myself.

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