the river is rising

Eons ago, Greg Vox split from the quissesential christian rock band to do a quirky solo album featuring a lot of squealing and an Aerosmith cover song. The album was titled "The River is Rising". And he was right, albeit sixteen years ahead of his time.

It rained a torrent of Biblical porportions yesterday. It was raining when I got up at 5:00 AM. It was raining at noon. It was raining at 6 PM. This caused every creek, gully, wallow, dip and low spot in a five mile radius to turn into a raging river. Last night, as I made my way home about midnight, I noticed the barriers that were up across Red Bridge Road were pulled aside - the road had been closed about 6 pm due to water over the road. Tooling past the barriers, I rounded a corner to find that the water was still way over the road. I did a Starsky and Hutch just in time to flash my lights and stop two Yahoos in a clapped out Acura Integra from racing into the flood. I drove back and put the barriers back up - they were still up this morning.

Without going into the details, here's this week's lesson learned: Just because a person is good at something doesn't mean they're supposed to do it. When calling and gifting intersect, it's a beautiful thing...but to wander too far from calling on the axis of gifting is to invite frustration. 'Nuff said.

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