I've not yet made the trek to see The Passion of Christ. It is not for lack of intention - I was hoping to see it the first weekend it was out, but the schedule just hasn't permitted it. Instead, I have watched the trailer a number of times and read acount after acount on others' blogs. Reading those alone has been sobering.

The blogworld is inherently superficial. Do not have a cow. I do not mean your blog. Yours is full of fascinating, insightful posts. But those others...they drone on and on about things like which car they liked at the car show. I think it's an inverse porportion thing - the more words generated, the lower the quality. Maybe if we all blogged once a week it would be of higher quality. Of course, then we wouldn't have all this warm fuzzy time together. Granted, I don't know who reads this, but apparantly some of you do.

The posts I'm reading about The Passion have been unusual in their consistency. In most cases, the writers are obviously troubled - even disturbed. Well adjusted, articulate people are posting things like "Wow. Uh, I have to go lay down. I'll post more later." Credit Gibson with doing a good job of what few have done - stirring our collective and individual consciences with questions like "Who was/is this man?", "What kind of love does He have?" and the inevitable "If this is true, then what do I do when I wake up tomorrow?"

I will see The Passion soon. I must see this Man who chose this fate for me...but I do not look forward to it. Watching a man publically humiliated, beaten bloody and left to swing in the wind should never be easy. It's even more difficult when we all recognize how comfortable the whip feels resting in our hand.

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