We survived the big auto show and made the following observations:

If two neighbors and I joined together and sold our homes, we still couldn't buy a Maybach. Anything that has recliners in the back (with footrests) is not a car. Of course, as one on-looker said, "Look at all the features....".

This booth was a ghost town - once you've made it public knowledge that you're discontinuing the manufacturing of a line of cars, interest drops off pretty quickly. It did not help that their old-folk style display was next to these guys, whose booth featured hip, pierced spokespeople, techno music, and a very funky product at a low price.

It's probably the farm boy in me, but I want one of these in International Red (I know they call it Redline Red, but it's got IH all over it.). It's rediculously impractical and all-together goofy.

Ford had a great display featuring the new retro Mustang, but they're risking a lot with their exciting (their words) Ford 500. As capable as this thing is supposed to be, it screams rental car.

photos to be posted soon...

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