late night times around the table...

Yesterday I was invited to an evening meeting back in the IHOP Strategy Room. Ever saw a room in the movies that serves as a command center...big screens on the wall, a glass tabletop with a huge conference call microphone in the center and a dozen leather and stainless steel chairs? Uh, the Strategy Room is nothing like that. We've got some sliding whiteboards , an oak dining room table with some mismatched chairs, but it works.

Part of the leadership team met with a YWAMer who is leading an outreach in New Zealand...it started Jan 18 and runs for a number of weeks. Considering the New Testament mandate of reaching the uttermost parts of the earth, New Zealand is IT. It is literally as far as you can get from Israel.

The first week, they were in a city of 36,000 people, and ELEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE showed up for the evening meetings. They're seeing unprecedented responses and have yet to do any work in any of the big cities. In all, they'll touch 40 cities in New Zealand. They came to ask us to cover the event in prayer, which we will do in each of our 12 daily 2-hour prayer meetings for the next several weeks.

It was well past 10:30 PM when we walked out of the strategy room and headed for our cars...heads full of the purposes of God and wondering about our own cities and the promises we hold dear.

New Zealand...isn't that where they filmed the Return of the King? :-)

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