Project Burning Man Electronic Garage Sale continues to gain momentum! To date we've scored one pair of brand new, ultra funky Oscar de la Renta boots and a '94 Mazda Protege (zoomzoomzoom!). I'll keep you posted as the loot continues to pile up and let you know when everything is posted on eBay so that you can bid (bid early, bid often...).

Well, I'm off to the Vineyard in Florence, KY where I'm teaching this weekend. Last night's celebration went well, although I had more teaching material than I should of. Came home late last night and 'edited with a black highlighter' for time's sake. We'll take another run at it on the 8:30 crowd and see if I need to adjust again for the 10 and 11:30. I love multiple celebrations. Usually by the last one, you've got the bugs worked out. :)

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