Once again, from the Holy Observer:

Left Behind Fan Club Misses Bus
MONTGOMERY, AL – Approximately 30 members of the local Left Behind Fan Club—a group that gets together monthly at First Baptist Church to discuss the popular Christian fiction series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins—missed their bus after a meeting earlier this month. The group had planned to take a field trip by city bus to the local Red Lobster following the meeting.

"Some people in the group kept saying that there was no way we could miss it," said club president James Milton. "They said that when the bus came, we would definitely know it."

After the group missed the bus, members stayed outside the church for about 20 minutes arguing about whether or not another bus was en route. Some argued that the bus schedule clearly indicated a second bus, but others took different interpretations. Members ultimately decided to go to Red Lobster after next month's meeting instead and ended up walking home or calling spouses for a ride.

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