Help Us Go To Burning Man!


Greetings, Friends -

As many of you know, we are preparing now to visit Burning Man. The Burning Man Festival draws 30,000 people who are desperately looking for an experience.

Many of you have expressed a desire to help (or help more) but simply didn't have the cash....here's your chance!

To help provide finances for this outreach, we're asking you to participate in a novel experiment...tentatively titled The Burning Man Electronic Garage Sale. We are taking donations of new or used goods that we will sell on eBay. All of the money raised will go towards getting our Burning Man Team to Nevada in August. Your excess stuff could send prophecy and healing prayer teams to the middle of Burning Man!

What are we looking for?

We're open to just about anything (if you've ever surfed eBay, you understand), but particularly useful items would be used high-end children's clothes, collectables, children's videos/dvd's, household
items, electronics, used cars...or make a suggestion!

How do we get it?
For those of you who are in Cincinnati or East Tennessee, we will be in those two places in the next few days...email us immediately or call 513.238.8493 and we'll arrange a pickup point. If you're not in either
of those areas but think you might have something that would work, call or drop us an email and we'll try and work out shipping.

What if it doesn't sell?

Most everything does sell on eBay...and if it doesn't, we will get the item in the hands of a missionary who can use it or contribute it to Mercy Food & Clothing, a local ministry thrift shop.

Additionally, this is a test...for the possibility of a large-scale ministry-supporting electronic thrift store where people can unload their stuff and missionaries reap the benefit. (Think Goodwill meets the Internet!) Because we are just testing the idea, we are not set up to give giving receipts for these items. Our next step would be to make a way for that to happen. (Note: If you have a particularly valuable item we will issue a receipt.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Randy, Kelsey and the Burning Man 2004 Team.

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